Q :: When are Applications REALLY due?

This year, FAP will not have a competetive application process, but rather enrollment.  Enrollment for FAP 2020 will close on July 10, but we will consider adding students after that date as well.

Q :: What should a participant send for artistic materials?

We're looking for things which tell us about you, the person; things which tell us what you are interested in as art.  Creative presentation of materials is always a bonus.  We are looking for people who will enjoy and contribute to the multi-disciplinary art of FAP. Send us something which gives us a little insight into your artistic self.  All submissions must be digital.

Q :: I want to go to FAP, does everyone get accepted?

For FAP 2020, YES!  Normally, there are logistical limitations on the number of students we can invite to participate in FAP, but with our virtual program, we will accept ALL interested students.

Q :: Will we be doing . . . ?

The application is calculatedly crafty regarding the exact program of FAP. The main reason for that is that FAP is a multidisciplinary program; we hope the FAPers will be open to trying new ideas. We value those 16 years of flute lessons and your first Pulitzer prize at age 8, but we'd like you to try, say, a little sculpture, or maybe even a little scene painting.

Some elements are sure. There will be performance opportunities in FAP, some music, some studio art. What other art forms come in, and how these all fit together, will be determined as we find Resident Artists, Visiting Artists, review our own interests, and work through the mechanics of the program. If you are fired up about one art form and interested in others, you will have fun in FAP.

Q :: How does Tuition and Financial Aid work?

One of the great gifts that a Virtual FAP provides is that FAP 2020 is completely free of charge to all participants!  We are also striving to ensure that students do not have to purchase materials to participate in any of the classes.  Some classes will require obtaining materials to participate, but we are trying to make these found items around your house, or otherwise cheap or free items.