About the Staff

The First-Year Arts Program (FAP) is overseen by the Freshman Dean's Office and the FAP director, Julia Smeliansky, in close collaboration with the Office for the Arts.  In addition, there are 7 Resident Artists20 Guest Artists, and 16 Upperclassman Proctors.  The Resident Artists are all top artists in their fields, and each teach a full workshop, a smaller master class, and advise on development of content for the FAP Pageant for each of their threads.  Guest Artists are all working professionals that each teach individual Master Classes in their respective areas of expertise.  The FAP Proctors are all prolific arts leaders here on campus who help to run all of the programs, advise on Pageant content, and can offer great first hand insight into the social, academic, cultural and artistic fabric that is Harvard.

Director/Proctor Bios

Julia SmelianksyDirector

Julia Smeliansky

I’m thrilled to be starting this year as Director of the First-year Arts Program. I come from a theater background; I was literally raised backstage as a kid.  I have studied Art History and Theater Management, and have worked and toured with may theater, ballet and modern dance companies. I have worked for Harvard for nineteen years as the Administrative Director of the American Repertory Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training.  Prior to coming to Harvard, I was an Associate Producer on Broadway. In my spare time, I translate plays, paint and sing. Looking forward to an incredible experience this summer with our FAP team. Email me at julia_smeliansky@harvard.edu with any questions you may have.

Camila Ortiz '19Team Studio Art

Camila Ortiz

Hey FAP! I'm Camila, a rising senior in Quincy House studying History & Literature and Music. I also love to draw n make graphics, which why I'm 1/2 of team studio art! I come from Davis, California (it still takes me a minute to find Massachusetts on a map, my cold tolerance is very low, etc etc) Here at Harvard I like to spin tunes on WHRB, the student radio station, write songs, take art classes, and order Dominos at odd hours. I am so excited to get to know all of you and make art together! Email me at camilaortiz@harvard.edu if you wanna say hey or talk about your horoscope or ask anything at all!

Angie Cui '20, Team Production


Hey FAP!! My name is Angie and I'm a rising junior living in Quincy House, studying Government and East Asian Studies and Chinese!  I'm from New York City which means I love talking and walking quickly and cold brew coffee. This is my second year returning as a proc #HYPED and I will be joining Team Production this year #EXTRAHYPED!! When on campus, come hang out with me in the Modern Dance Company, Expressions Hip Hop Company, Harvard Ballet Company or Eleganza fashion show (read: napping in all the dance studios on campus). When not wearing sweatpants, I write for the Harvard International Review, staff Harvard's Model UN conferences and tour guide for the Harvard Admissions Office. Realistically though, find me trolling David's Tea for free samples or walking very slowly on the treadmill while listening to Melodrama by Lorde (best album, fight me). FAP was one of the best weeks of my Freshman Fall when I participated in it, and I can't wait to meet you all and get to some ART-MAKING!! call me beep me anytime not on my phone, but at angie_cui@college.harvard.edu.


Eli Russell '20Team Drama


What's good, FAP! My name is Eli and I’m a rising junior in Cabot House, where I live (in typical quad luxury) with my fellow drama queen/proctor Corlo Troncis! I’m concentrating in History with a secondary in Theatre, Dance & Media and maybe a citation in Spanish?? My interests include creative storytelling, HUDS chicken fingers, and generally doing the most. When I’m not googling “fun ways to convey basic information about yourself,” I perform in the (now coed!!) cast of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals and in Three Letter Acronym Improv, a long-form improv comedy group. I also work at the Office for the Arts in order to finance my El Jefe’s addiction (you’ll know what that is soon enough). I came to Harvard knowing basically no one and FAP was a great way to enter the Harvard community and immerse myself in art. I still don’t have any friends, so I’m really excited to get to know you all! Slide into my DMs at e_russell@college.harvard.edu with any questions, complaints, or goss, and I’ll do my best to answer, clap back, or spill a commensurate amount of tea. Make art!!

Hannah Lemmons '20Team Music


Hi FAP! My name is Hannah, and I'm a rising junior in Kirkland House studying History & Literature. I'm originally from Denver, Colorado, though you can rarely find me there--I love to travel and visit new places! I will be joining the Music team for this year's FAP, and I am so excited to get to know n collaborate with you all. I've played the violin for 15 years, but at Harvard I am mostly involved with the vocal music/theater scene. If I'm not singing with the Harvard LowKeys (along with Cahleb) or working on an HRDC or BlackCAST show, I'm usually drinking tea in my room and writing music/watching YouTube videos/napping. Hit me up at hlemmons@college.harvard.edu if you have questions about transitioning to life at Harvard, art&activism, plant-based protein (I'm vegan) or absolutely anything else at all!

Casey Goggin '19Team Production



Hi FAP! My name is Casey Goggin, I’m a senior in Cabot House (best Haus), studying a joint concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & Government. My family moves a lot so idk where I am from, but I grew up in Australia so that was cool!  am SO incredibly thrilled to be a production proctor alongside the illustrious and fiercely competent Angie Cui. ‘Round campus I do a bit of queer organizing (ask me about Saskia’s), I volunteer at the Y2Y Homeless Youth Shelter, and I consume enormous amounts of caffeine. Artistically, I dabble in acting, light design, poetry, and performance art. I am very in to figuring out how I can best use my body to stage protest and create spaces of support. 

I can’t wait to meet y’all and make art with you - I find that’s usually the best way to get through this wacky wacky simulation we’re in.  Please don't hesitate to send me an email at caseygoggin@college.harvard.edu if you have any questions about my life, your life, FAP, or if you wanna chat about pop culture. 

Sahil Handa, Team Creative Writing


Heyhey Fappers! Here is my attempt at condensing a human being into a paragraph: My name is Sahil. I am a rising sophomore. I live in London. I like adventures. I also like creating good vibes. Good vibes creation involves traveling (I took a gap year before coming to campus and ran around the world,) dancing (I performed in Eleganza this year and helped to choreograph Ghungroo,) and smiling (the small things are extremely underrated.) You may also find me attempting to write the great British novel, acting in/directing super intense theater productions, or discussing some combination of politics, psychology, technology, and philosophy. Favorite kinds of tunes include jazz, house, hip-hop, old rock, and indie (a.k.a everything,) and favorite fruits include apples, strawberries, blueberries, watermelons, and pears (I enjoy fruit.) I am very aware that this reads like a dating profile, but I originally intended for it to be read as a plea for email. Please send stuff to sahil_handa@college.harvard.edu-art stuff, life stuff, Harvard stuff, stupid stuff-just send anything and everything my way, because FAP was one of the best weeks of my life and it would be incredible to get to know you all before you arrive. I'm so freaking hyped to be one of your creative writing proctors!



Carla Troconis '19, Team Drama

Carla Troconis

What. Is. UP, FAP?! I’m Carla Troconis (alternatively known as “Trollconis”) and I’m a senior living in Cabot House (along with your production proctor #GOGGIN) and concentrating in Government. On campus, I do a lot of acting, directing, and tech work with the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, along with being on board as its Treasurer (money, money, everywhere). I also write and edit for the Harvard Political Review because as we’ve all seen, isn’t politics and theater the same thing nowadays?! Oh yeah, my sense of humor is 50% sarcastic quips, 50% "University of Miami Frat Boy humor" (this phrase was trademarked by Casey Goggin). For fun, I like to spend time reading about Latin American dictators and democratic attempts (shout out to my homeland Venezuela, #SOS), writing plays/stories/poetry, spending times at Quad establishments like Starbucks, Cambridge Common, and the Cabot Dining Hall with friends, and spending too much time looking at memes. Slide into my DMs (just kidding, please don’t) at carlatroconis@college.harvard.edu if you have questions/wanna talk about theater, tech, birds, or anything at all, really. Super psyched to get to know you all! 

KeeHup Yong '19, Team Film

My name is KeeHup Yong and I am a rising seniorhailing from Vine Grove, Kentucky. Here on campus, I study psychology and live in Currier House. Along with my dude David, I rep Team Film! 
I do art thingies. I dance, film stuff, animate things, sing in the shower, sing at performances, rap, and write about random moments. I love art, and you remember that you can't spell "Heart" without "Art"! 
When I am not having an existential crisis over what to do my life or which flavor of milk to drink at breakfast, I like talking. A lot. Oh and working on projects for my psychology lab  If you don't see me or hear my silly and obnoxious laugh, I'm probably in a dance studio with the Harvard Breakers, or smuggling food out of the dining halls.
Please reach out about literally anything. Like. Anything at all. Just reach out! 
Margaret Canady '20, Team Dance
HEY FAP!! My name is Margaret (or Maggie) Canady (not Canaday, you'll understand the confusion soon enough), and I am SO excited to be one half of your dance proctor team!! I'm a junior in Leverett House concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Theater, Dance and Media. While I do not do theater or "media", I do love to dance. On campus you can catch me in HRMDC (modern dance), HBC (ballet dance), Eleganza (fashion dance), CityStep (teaching dance), or sleeping. If you wanna talk about anything at all- The Office, drip coffee, your awesome spotify playlist, photography, empathy, Texas, etc., shoot me an email at mcanady@college.harvard.edu. Or, if you're feeling generous, my venmo handle is @Margaret-Canady.
Eric Cheng '20, Team Dance
Hi FAP! My name is Eric Cheng, and I am a rising junior in Quincy house concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Mind, Brain, and Behavior. I am originally from the great (lakes) state of the MItten. Besides that, I am a peer advising fellow, a member of On Harvard Time, a Dorm Crew captain (although potentially not by the time you read this because I may get fired any minute) and I love acting and dancing on whilst on campus. I am a cast member of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals and a member of the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club, and I am involved in dance on campus through Expressions Dance Company and Eleganza Fashion show which is why I am so excited to be repping TEAM DANCE. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team and to meet each of you. Email me ejcheng@college.harvard.edu with ANYTHING--questions, concerns, discussion of why Parks and Recreation is objectively better than The Office.
Isa Haro '21, Team Studio Art
HELLO FAP! I’m Isabel (call me Isa!), I’m a rising sophomore, and I’m so excited to join Camila as your new Studio Arts proctor! I’m from Quito, Ecuador, so along with our director Julia Smeliansky, I will be your resident international person and I’m 100% sure that I will exhaust all of you with irrelevant information about my country and that you will LOVE it. Also, during FAP week, my brain collapsed (from all the FUN!) and I forgot how to speak English by the end of the day, so look forward to a lot of late-night Spanglish with me! My favorite thing at Harvard (besides my friends) is making art and taking arts classes, so I’m most likely going to concentrate in VES (Film/Studio Art). I do a lot of photography, so look for me walking around with a camera that is disproportionately large for my body. PLEASE HIT ME UP if you want to go to a yoga class, meditate, talk about anything that is important to you, or just need a hug (diharo@college.harvard.edu).
Cahleb Derry '20, Team Creative Writing
Heyoooooooo! I’m Cahleb and I’m a rising junior on team Creative Writing! I’m from (the suburbs of) New York City and live in Winthrop House! I concentrate in History & Literature with a focus in Ethnic Studies, and am pursuing a secondary in Women, Gender & Sexuality. On campus, I sing in an a cappella group called The Harvard LowKeys (this is probably all I will talk about sorry in advance), participate in musical theatre, and serve as an intern at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life! You can talk to me about anything, but I especially love ekphrastic poetry and collegiate a cappella….and gingerale. Dang I love gingerale. Fun fact: I once cracked my iPhone screen with my own tooth, and I also have two small earlobes on my right ear instead of one. Harvard is a vast and daunting yet beautiful place, and I can’t wait to share it with you — FAP is an amazing place to start :) This is my first year as a proctor and I am SO PUMPED to meet all of y’all!!! Hit me up at cderry@college.harvard.edu if you have anything to say — I’ll be waiting! More importantly, follow me on the gram! @cmulaaaa #follow4follow
Scott Kall '20, Team Theater Design
WHAT UP FAP?!?! The name's Scott (Scotty) Kall. I'm a rising sophomore in Kirkland concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Theater, Dance, and Media. Activities on campus include acting in the Hasty Pudding Theatricals show, assistant producing and acting in a few HRDC shows...can you tell I like theater?? I also spend a lot of time working at the Harvard Innovation Lab on a social innovation project with my friends - so hit me up if you ever wanna talk about that. OH also I'm from Hudson, Massachusetts, so I didn't move very far for college, and no, I am still not used to these horrid New England winters. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop me from getting Venti Iced Coffees from Starbucks when it's below freezing. If you ever want to talk about any of the above, feel free to shoot me an email at: skall@college.harvard.edu. SO EXCITED TO MEET ALL OF YOU. It's gonna be amazing <3
Annie Schugart '18, Team Theater Design
Yo FAP! I’m Annie, a senior in Quincy House originally from Kansas City. I’m concentrating in computer science because freshman Annie was told she could create things with code if she majored in computer science. Unfortunately, freshman Annie was not told about the intensity of math classes she’d be taking. I’m hoping to work in product design so it’ll all work out (I think). Back in my FAP days, I was a part of the dance thread (OOH AH AH!), and I’m thrilled to now be proctoring theater design (TDT!). I spend a lot of my life behind the lens of a camera and led the Multimedia board of The Harvard Crimson. I dropped out of school briefly to work at The New York Times, and my only regret is that I didn’t become Mark Zuckerberg. At Harvard, I’ve produced shows, worked for the Office for the Arts as a student producer, am a part of Harvard Cheer, and have became too emotionally invested in the art of tie-dying. Welcome to Harvard, friends! I hope you’re ready for a wild, artistic ride. I’m so excited to get to know you and help you jump right into the arts (and beyond) at Harvard. Please email me at aschugart@college.harvard.edu because I always need friends. I can’t wait to make art with you all!
London Lowmanstone '21, Team Music
Hey FAP! I'm London, a rising sophomore from Minnesota. I love writing music in any genre for pretty much any instrument, so I'm on... you guessed it - Team Music! I consider myself to be pretty silly (pretty punny, if you will) and love the energy and fun of FAP. If you catch me in my spare time, you'll probably see me on a piano writing a song or programming on my computer. At Harvard, I play in the Harvard Marching Band, collab with other artists, and also helped start the Harvard Juggling Club. Feel free to email me at lowmanstone@college.harvard.edu if you want to discuss the meaning of existence or anything else. I can’t wait to meet you all!
David Grant '21, Team Film
Who is this young lad David Grant and why should you care? He's a FAP film proctor who writes in the third person and you should care because he's going to be your new best film-friend who's super stoked to expose FAPpers to everything ~artsy~ that Harvard has to offer!! He's a rising sophomore from Texas (though people guess New York for some reason and he suspects that it's because he wears a lot of scarves and doesn't say "y'all" very much) and has a particular interest in movies about culture in the american south. When he's not bonding with the next generation over cinema, you'll find him directing music videos, writing short films, and producing for Harvard Student Agencies's video department. In the spring, you'll find him with the Hasty Pudding Theatricals and occasionally directing skits for the web comedy group On Harvard Time. Send literally anything at all to david_grant@college.harvard.edu and he'll respond to you with a GIF, probably.

Resident and Guest Artists

Jim Augustine '01, Drama

Jim is an actor/singer/dancer/choreographer/director/producer-turned-media-entrepreneur, whose career-to-date has spanned theater, film, publishing, consulting and social media.  Jim began his career in 2001, working as assistant to choreographer, Rob Ashford, on Broadway’s Thoroughly Modern Millie (Tony Awards: Best Choreography and Best New Musical), the Huntington Theater’s Marty starring John C. Reilly, and Roundabout’s 2002 Broadway revival of The Boys from Syracuse.  Jim went on to choreograph the A.R.T’s original production of Lysistrata starring Cherry Jones, the Off-Broadway premiere of Pen at Playwrights Horizons, and the NYC premieres of Gone Missing and Paris Commune for the Civilian Theater Company’s 2004 OBIE-award winning season. In 2007, Jim wrote, directed and produced his first film, The Audition, which won Best Drama at Iris International’s 2008 “Gone with the Film” Festival and Honorable Mention at the International Accolade Awards. During this period, Jim helped develop the memoir, Hope’s Boy, which was released in 2008 by Hyperion Books and became a New York Times Bestseller.  Currently, Jim is directing and producing his first feature film – a documentary in association with HRH Prince Charles’ Youth Business International – about young entrepreneurs around the world and the mentors who have helped to make their ambitions a reality. Jim is also Founder and CEO of Buckaboone, Inc., a dotcom startup that is poised to spark a revolution in social economy upon its launch in Fall 2010.  Jim is a summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard in Women’s Studies, and holds a Masters in Performance Studies from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  This is Jim’s 12th FAP!

Ed Burch, Dance

Ed Burch

Hey FAP! I am a lifelong dancer, gymnast, actor, singer and artist. Born and raised in Auburn, MA. I studied at Jo Ann Warren Studio based out of Worcester, MA; where I teach and choreograph to this day. I have had the honor of studying under the likes of Henry LeTang, Gregory Hines, Debbie Dee, Paula Abdul, and Gary Coburn, to name a few. I am currently the director for a dance company based out of Worcester, Stylized Movement, and also the owner and director of Ed Burch Dance; offering dance to people of all ages. Styles including Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary and all styles of Ballroom; I also work as a choreographer/coach/advisor for the Clark University dance team, as well as choreographer and director for a number of New England based productions. I am also a national dance adjudicator, and have judged and work shopped nationwide.

I have been blessed with the ability to teach an art form that I love to some of the most wonderful people I have ever had the privilege to meet.  I had the honor of being a guest artist for the 2013 Freshman Arts Program and am so happy to have joined the Resident Artist team in 2014!

Glenn Kiser '91, VES Film


After acting in some 20 productions (including the Hasty Pudding) and making short films through the VES department, Glenn clutched his Harvard Psych degree and moved to Los Angeles to make it in the movies.  He started off working in editing on low budget independent films like BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and THE GAME.  Then he moved to San Francisco where he ran George Lucas' company Skywalker Sound, where he oversaw sound work on massive projects such as the HARRY POTTER series, the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films, the IRON MANs, TRON: LEGACY and AVATAR.  Glenn currently consults for Dolby Labs and is touring the world film festival circuit with a short film he co-wrote and directed, "Sabbatical." 

Kadahj Bennett, Creative Writing


Kadahj is performer/writer/musician/spoken word artist. Recent credits include Tyler from THE HALLS (web series, Beyond Measure Productions), and Hank from HOW WE GOT ON (Company One). Kadahj is a Posse Scholar, graduate of Hamilton College and Boston Arts Academy alum. Currently a teaching artist in the Boston area, Kadahj moonlights as a lyricist/vocalist for two bands, Danceluja (Boston) & the Downbeat Keys (Brooklyn).

Peter Miller, Theatre Design

When he isn’t teaching at FAP, Peter paints other people’s scenery. For several seasons he was the Resident Scenic Artist of The Juilliard School at Lincoln Center and the Wolftrap Opera Company of Vienna, Virginia. Since joining Local 829 of United Scenic Artists he has worked on the paint crew of numerous Broadway Shows, Films, and TV Programs. Broadway highlights include Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Ragtime, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Crucible, Saint Joan, and Tom Stoppard’s Epic trilogy, The Coast of Utopia. Recent work includes revivals of West Side Story, Exit the King, and Waiting For Godot. Films include the current romantic comedies; When In Rome and It’s Complicated, Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock, Revolutionary Road, Doubt, August Rush, The Interpreter, War of the Worlds, The Stepford Wives and Unfaithful. Films coming soon to a theater near you include: Wall Street II - Money Never Sleeps, A Couple of Cops, and Julie Taymor’s adaptation of The Tempest. Peter graduated from Harvard in ‘84 - he concentrated in VES and lived in Adams House. He is proud to work in an industry that allows him to put The World Wrestling Federation’s Grand Slam Highway to Hell and The Victoria’s Secret Holiday Fashion Show on the same resume. After more than twenty-five years in show business he can honestly say that he has hardly ever been bored, and that he has almost always been amused!

Sam Wilmott, Music



SAM WILLMOTT is a New York City-based musical theater composer, lyricist and bookwriter whose projects include Standardized Testing - The Musical!!!!; Yo, Vikings! (with lyricist Marcus Stevens); the upcoming bhangra dance musical Bhangin' It (with playwrights Rehana Lew Mirza and Mike Lew and choreographer Rujuta Vaidya); the mini-musical Scarlet Takes a Tumble; additional lyrics for the stage adaptation of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol; and something entirely new and mysterious with Shanghai/NYC-based animation company, Pearl Studio. Sam's work has been performed in concert at Feinstein's / 54 Below, Paris' Comédie Nation with Broadway au Carré, Adelphi University's Performing Arts Center, and The Duplex.  Sam is an avid educator, and has spearheaded workshops, master classes and courses at such storied programs and institutions as Pace University's Musical Theater BFA program (Adjunct Professor of Music Theory), The Broadway Teachers Workshop, Interlochen Arts Camp, Emerson College and Harlem School of the Arts.  He is an alumnus of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, New York University and the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project, and a member of the Dramatists Guild.

Julia Rooney '11, VES Studio Arts


Julia Rooney is a visual artist. She grew up in New York City’s Greenwich Village, where she studied ceramics (hand-building and wheel) at Greenwich House Pottery, and oil painting at Parsons The New School for Design. From 2003-2007, she attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as a studio art major.

In 2011, she graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Visual & Environmental Studies and a secondary in Italian. From 2008-2010, she traveled extensively in Italy as a researcher-writer for “Let’s Go”, and worked as a studio assistant at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence. This travel informed most of her undergraduate work, both in technique (experiments with fresco and oil paint), and subject matter (post-modern Italian architecture). Paintings and installations from this series were exhibited at the Center for Government and International Studies (in “Invisible Cities” and “Atlas: Map and Myth”), The Office for the Arts, Massachusetts Hall, and the Carpenter Center (“Oh Pioneers”). She was the recipient of the Council Prize in Visual Art (2011), the David McCord Prize (2011), a David Rockefeller International Experience Grant (2009), and an Artist Development Fellowship (2009).

Upon graduating, she returned to New York and began work in the Islamic department of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and as an artist assistant for two NY-based painters. In 2012, she returned part-time to Harvard as a VES Teaching Assistant in Silkscreen, and co-curator of the Sandra Naddaff Leigh Hafrey Three Columns Gallery in Mather House. Her professional work has drawn her most recently to the study of Islamic art and the Turkish language. The merging of text and image in the Islamic tradition has parallels to recent collaborations with her sister, Anne Marie Rooney, who is a poet and teaching artist in New Orleans.

Nell Benjamin '93, Guest Artist: Creative Writing

Nell Benjamin co-wrote the score to Legally Blonde, The Musical with composer Laurence O’Keefe, for which they received a 2007 Tony Award nomination and a Drama Desk nomination and the 2011 Olivier Award for Best Musical.  Nell and Larry premiered an original opera called “Life Of The Party” at Laguardia High School for the Performing Arts.  Prior to that, Nell’s disturbingly free adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, called Pirates! (or Gilbert and Sullivan plunder’d) ran at the Goodspeed Opera House, the Paper Mill Playhouse, the Huntington Theater and the St Louis MUNY.  Nell wrote lyrics for Sarah, Plain and Tall, originally developed by TheatreworksUSA. Sarah played at the Lucille Lortel Theater, Off-Broadway and at Dallas Theater Center in 2009.  Nell and Larry were nominated for a 2005 Drama Desk for Best Book of a Musical for Cam Jansen (also developed by Theatreworks USA) and won an L.A. Ovation award for their first collaboration, The Mice.  Her work for television includes the last and weirdest season of Unhappily Ever After, Animal Planet’s Whoa! Sunday with Mo Rocca, and the new Electric Company.  Her play, The Explorers Club, will be produced by Manhattan Theatre Club in Spring of 2013.


Larry O'Keefe '91, Guest Artist: Music

Larry is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter, arranger and pianist for Broadway, movies and television.  Larry wrote music and lyrics for the Off-Broadway smash Bat Boy: The Musical (about a bug-eating bloodthirsty cave boy discovered by the tabloid Weekly World News) has been produced in hundreds of productions worldwide, including London's West End, Japan, Korea, Berlin and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Bat Boy won two Richard Rodgers Awards from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Lucille Lortel and Outer Critics’ Circle awards for Best Off-Broadway Musical, and was nominated for seven Drama Desk awards including Best Music and Best Lyrics.

With his frequent co-writer and wife, the brilliant lyricist and bookwriter Nell Benjamin, Larry scored hits in childrens' theater (Sarah, Plain And Tall;  Cam Jansen And The Curse Of The Emerald Elephant) and on Broadway (Legally Blonde: The Musical).  Legally Blonde ran for over 600 performances at the Palace Theatre on Broadway and was nominated for seven Tony Awards including Best Score, as well as ten Drama Desk Awards including Best Lyrics, Best Music and Best Musical. 

Larry and Nell have now adapted Sarah, Plain And Tall into a full-length show for grownups, following a workshop at the prestigious Eugene O'Neill Musical Theatre Conference in Waterford, Connecticut.  The full-length Sarah received its premiere production at the Dallas Theatre Center in Dallas, Texas, and will come to Broadway in 2011. Larry's next project is the stage adaptation of the beloved bloody cult film Heathers, for which he is co-writing book, music and lyrics with Emmy-winning writer Kevin Murphy (Reefer Madness, Desperate Housewives).

Larry has written music and songs for shows on MTV, VH-1, "The Daily Show" and Disney's "Johnny And The Sprites", and composed for PBS's recent documentary series "Make 'Em Laugh". Larry has taught master classes in music, theater and comedy at Harvard, Yale, NYU, Florida Atlantic University and elsewhere.  He has won the Ed Kleban Award for his lyrics, the ASCAP Richard Rodgers New Horizon award for music and lyrics, the USC Harry Warren Prize for composition and a Jonathan Larson Foundation grant for his songs. 

 Born in New York, Larry graduated Harvard University with an A.B. in Social Anthropology, but spent his time performing and composing for the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, singing with the Harvard Krokodiloes and writing for the Harvard Lampoon.  Larry and Nell live in New York City. They used to live in Los Angeles but their apartment got bulldozed so now they have two cars and furniture out there but no house.