• Ballroom Workshop with Georgi

  • FAP 16 Pageant Work

  • Modern Dance Master Class with Jodi


The dance thread for FAP offers many opportunities for technique, choreography, and collaboration with other artistic disciplines. Through a program-wide workshop led by resident artist Ed Burch, FAPpers are able to delve into dance and choreography with any level of dance background.  Master classes, led by a variety of guest artists, offer more intimate and advanced experiences in many different disciplines of dance, such as hip-hop, ballroom, modern strengthening, and more.  Past guest artists have included Suzette Sagisi of Static Noyze (America's Best Dance Crew), Brenda Divelbliss of the Harvard Dance Department, and Ian Mckenzie of WRUSH. In creating the end-of-the-week FAP pageant, the dance thread choreographs, develops, and performs original pieces in collaboration with the other threads.