How to Apply

About the Application

The application process for FAP is simple, and fun!  Remember the objective of FAP is to introduce you to each other and the Harvard campus THROUGH the arts.  This will not be a chance for you to play your flute for 5 days, but rather to try art forms you've never tried before, learn new things, and see in depth what Harvard has to offer ALL artists. 

We keep you really busy at FAP, so expect fully booked days and plan ahead!  Make sure to get in some extra violin practice or the like and write your Freshman Seminar applications before you arrive, because "copious free time" is not a word we know at FAP.

The FAP application, or FAPplication, is open!!! Please read all instructions before applying, as our application process has changed a bit, and any older information you may be invalid.

The FAPplication Deadline is May 5th at 11:59 PM EST. 

All late applications will be processed on a case by case basis.


The FAPplication (heyo!) consists of two parts:

an online form where you tell us a little bit about yourself and your artistic experience and endeavours


an "artistic self-description" that may make sense to be in digital format or in physical, mailed in form (details below).


Online Application: Everyone must fill out the online portion of the FAPplication, which can be accessed 

HERE! I am the FAPPLICATION.  Please fill me out.

Artistic Self-Description: What is this, you may ask?  The suspense is killing us, too.  

At FAP, everyone’s a beginner at something. It’s a place for exploring new art forms, not a place to showcase the things you’re already good at!

We’re looking for a combination of the following things:

  • demonstrated enthusiasm in the arts
  • willingness to get out of your comfort zone 
  • interest in diving into the arts at Harvard

We recognize that everyone applying will have a unique combination of the above. We invite you to send in an application that shows us who you are and what you love to do. Please share your artistic self with us in the way that makes most sense to you. For the supplement, we’ve received everything from boxes of art to bedroom safaris, cake pops, zip drive media adventures, recordings of performances, and more!  


Again, the FAPplication Deadline is May 5th at 11:59 PM EST :)

We look forward to seeing your work!